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What is the second ?
The second specifies the name of the site . Since the Internet all servers and sites with specified IP are used for easy and convenient access to the site of the second .
Second , how do they work?
The second one name that has entered the name of your browser that name servers special on the Internet that Whois is stored sends the DNS of the domain indicates that after identifying the DNS to convert to IP that IP is essentially a is to state the amount each xxx series of numbers between 0 and 255 . The numbers determine the location of your server on the Internet . After it became clear that IP is your request to the server and your application server is allocated a space to write , and then shows you the results .
What does it mean to park a second ?
A second connection to an account that already has been created is called a second park . For example you an account (Host + second ) with bought time you decide when your users addresses and visit also connected to your main site are . To do so, you must first register two other second , and then the second is attached to the main account that the operation ( operation connected to one or more domain accounts previously ) called the park a second . < / div>
Various extensions second to mean?
The second com: commercial stands are. Dvmynhay com. It is likely the most popular of which are open to all natural and legal persons is possible. It was the second recorded one year to ten years. The second net: is an acronym network. This is the second most used for sites that are active in the network. Although everyone may use the second type. It was the second recorded one year to ten years. The second org: organization stands for is. The second type normally used for institutions and organizations. Usually when states com. And net. Is already registered by another person also used the second. It was the second recorded one year to ten years. The second biz: This is the second most used for business and commerce. The second largest category is Dvmynhay gTLD from one year to ten year. The second info: This is the second time the second largest Internet domain to unlimited use of the invention the second com. Which is an acronym for Information. The second of info. Usually for portals and population. It was the second recorded one year to ten used. It was the second recorded one year to ten years. Second us: This is the second two-letter abbreviation for the country which the United States is the United State. The second ws: This is the second of the two-letter country of Western Samoa (Western Samoa is an island in the South Pacific) WebSite stands as the second most known mostly used for personal sites. The second tv: The second of the two-letter country of Tuvalu (Tuvalu islands between Hawaii and Australia) Television stands as the second most used for television. The second cc: This is the second of two letters corresponding to the Cocos (Cocos Island is located in the Indian Ocean) second ir: ir domain and its subscales, specifically Iran. Professional ir is derived from iran. The second sub-one-year and five-year Dvmynhay recorded. Ir Domain Registration is free for all people. The second This is the second of the second sub-ir and Iranian Dvmynhay to universities and tertiary institutions are used. To register the second, documents relating to the institution is required. The second This is the second of the second sub-ir is used for small and large companies. The second involves the provision of the Articles of Association of the company registration documents. The second The second is that a subset of the second ir-governmental organizations to be used. This record second only to organizations and institutions will be possible.
Is it possible to record second only are there ?
Yes , you can only second order and the principle of the book .
How do Dvmynm to the hosting account you have purchased has already been 'm connected ?
You must then park your domain to your previous account . For this purpose, the second order the domain name you want to park your domain session .
Will I be given a second control panel ?
Yes, the Agreement between the Persian and you're there Srvysz Srvysz Already registered all domain information is sent to you as per your request .
You can register your domain for a few years ?
Domain ir. You can go for a year or five years and other domains can be registered for 1 to 5 years or renew .
What time can renew your domain ?
Whenever you will , you can proceed to renew your domain . By extending the expiration date on the number of required credits will be added to the range .
Are domain names registered before the validity period can be extended ?
Yes - Ability to renew expired domain names registered before the end of the possible range .
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